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At Grain Valley Animal Hospital,
we provide comprehensive services designed to meet or exceed your pet care needs.

Mass Removal • Cruciate Ligament Repair • Orthopedic Implant (Pinning) • Altering • Cat Declaw (Front paws only)
Dew Claw Removal and Tail Docking • Cystotomy • Herniorraphy Abscess Resection • Entropion Repair • Amputation
Cherry Eye Repair/Removal • Enucleation
Hematoma Repair/Drainage
Preventative Services
Physical Exams • Immunizations • Internal Parasite Control
External Parasite Control: Fleas & Ticks
Proper Nutrition & Food Recommendations
Skin Care & Allergy Relief • Geriatric Care & Senior Wellness
Ear Care & Deep Flushing • Comprehensive Blood Screenings
Pet Dentistry
Teeth Cleaning
Basic Tooth Extractions
Large Animals
Horses And Cattle
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